Great Faculties

Our highly qualified teachers focus on improving students’ versatility through their commitment to cohesive learning methods, quality teaching, evidence-based practices, coaching, and mentoring.

Active Learning

We tend to apply innovative new learning methods. Use of Factual Charts, Interactive Toys, and Digital demonstrations fulfil a significant part of this process. Kids are the most active part of our learning system.

Best Environment

We ensure a secure environment that embraces the idea of nurturing pupils’ minds to their best potential. An ideal School environment works to build safe learning spaces for every student.

Purpose of Education

"Education is the manifestation of perfection already in Man"
--Swami Vivekananda


Our Best Services For Your Kids

Great Teachers

Our experienced Teachers are our assets.

Arts & Crafts Lab

We make sure that your child can grow, develop and nurture their hobbies with great enthusiasm.

Computer Courses

We cater to the Latest & Smart Learning with a sound knowledge of computers.

Quiz Competition

Quiz competitions are integral part of our academy. Through this, all students can gain knowledge.

Sports Training

Participation of students in seminars and competitions, sports, and other programs organised by the school is highly encouraged.

Transport Service

We have our pool transport facilities for students.

Our aim is to develop, physical and moral faculties of the child and arrange for graded education in such a way as to provide an opportunity for the all-around development of personality.

“The prosperity of the country depends, not on the abundance of its revenues, not on the strength of its fortifications, nor on the beauty of it’s public buildings but it consists in the number of it’s cultivated citizens, in it’s men of education, enlightenment and character.” –Martin Luther


We have firm belief that health is wealth. Only a healthy child can grow and proper more rapidly.
Hence, we arrange Medical Check-up for students. Professional Medical Practitioners are invited to check the health of the students. The report is written in Separate Health Report Card. Any shortcoming in the Medical Report is brought to the notice of the Parents through the Card.


We vow, with time and space, plan and programme, with labour and implementations and with your boon and benedictions we will strive to take it to the culmination.
we will give directions to the children to grow as responsible citizens of India possessing true human values.

CCTV & Digital Class Room

We are glad to let you know that we have recently installed CCTV with audio system to monitor the academic & discipline aspect in our school. Activities of students as well as teachers are in the watch round the clock for proper supervision for betterment of education & enforcement of discipline.
In addition, we have already stepped up to provide with digital board for education facility that will help students in teaching & learning process with great ease, interest & understanding.

NOTE: Identity card, belt, tie, school diary, will be supplied from the school office at reasonable price